China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China National Coal Energy Group Co., Ltd. It is a national super construction enterprise and ranks second among Chinese coal construction enterprises. The company was formerly known as the Xuzhou Small Coal Mine Command in Jiangsu Province established in 1970. In July 1975, it was renamed as Jiangsu Fengpei Mining Construction Headquarters; in March 1984, it was renamed Jiangsu Coal Construction Company; in May 1997, it joined China Coal. Construction Group Company, renamed as China Coal Fifth Construction Company; in July 2003, it was divested from China Coal Construction Group Corporation and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Coal Group; in March 2010, it was renamed as China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. In August 2010, China Coal Group implemented strategic adjustments and established a new China Coal Construction Group Co., Ltd., which was placed under the China Coal Construction Group Co., Ltd.

The company has general construction contracting of mines, general contracting of building construction projects, general contracting of municipal public works, first-class construction of mechanical and electrical installations, general contracting of chemical and petroleum engineering, and nearly 10 professional construction contracts. Qualifications; AAA-level credit rating certificate, and external management rights, external dispatched labor qualifications and licenses approved by the Ministry of Commerce. At present, the company has a registered capital of 1.183 billion yuan and total assets of 8.463 billion yuan.

The company has 13 secondary units, including the first, second, third and fifth engineering offices, China Coal Tunnel Engineering Company, Jian'an Branch, overseas development company, shopping mall, hotel, Xuzhou service branch, staff hospital, equipment. Leasing and repair centers, training centers. The company has more than 5,000 registered employees, including more than 2,000 college graduates and above, with 402 first-level and two-level construction engineers, 168 with senior titles, 584 with intermediate titles, 915 with junior titles, 20 senior technicians, and 274 technicians. Senior workers 849. There are more than 10,000 sets of construction equipment such as umbrella drill, rock grab, rock drilling rig, roadheader, shield machine and freezer. It has 30 shaft shafts, 20 inclined shafts and 20 mines. The capacity of the second and third phases of the project and the six subway tunnel projects.

The company's construction footprint covers more than 20 provinces and regions in China. It has participated in the construction of more than 20 large-scale coal bases and completed nearly 400 mining projects of various types, creating a series of industry construction records. In terms of vertical shaft, the completed 1000-meter deep vertical well has magnetic west 1# mine auxiliary well, Hengyuan coal mine inlet wind well, Panyi mine eastern second auxiliary well, Xinzhuang coal mine auxiliary shaft, Yangcun coal mine auxiliary well, Zhangji coal mine Dongjin Fengjing, Hindustan Zinc Industry KHURD Mine Main Well, Walnut Mine Coal Mine Auxiliary Shaft, Shuanghe Coal Mine Main Well, Zhuji Coal Mine Auxiliary Well, Liangbaosi Coal Mine Main Well, Tangkou Coal Mine Auxiliary Well, Xinhe Coal Mine No. 2 15 projects including main well and Kongzhuang mine coal mine mixed well, including the downstream well of Hebei Cixi Coal Mine, which was successfully bottomed in June 2013, was 1341.6 meters deep, the highest in Asia. The completed Nalinhe coal mine in Inner Mongolia, as well as the Hongqing River and Baijiahaizi coal mines under construction, have a diameter of 10.5 meters, which is the largest in the country. In the construction of the coal mine shaft in Tengdong, Shandong Province, it has created a continuous 8-month well. In the construction of the main wellbore of Wanfu Coal Mine, the world record of 754.96 meters of deep well soil was created in the wellbore of Wanfu Coal Mine, which was the best in the world. In the construction of the frozen topsoil of the auxiliary shaft of the Shunhe Coal Mine of Yongmei Coal Mine, the monthly record of 244 meters was included in the 14th batch of Chinese enterprises, and at the same time, it was awarded the “2009 National First Prize of Coal Construction and Construction Wells”. In the aspect of Pingxiang Lane, the coal digging in the Xianggou Coal Mine in Shanxi Province has achieved a good performance of 1576 meters per month. In the construction of the large section of the Sihe Mine, it has been set for over 7 meters for 7 months and 309.5 meters for the highest monthly road. National record. The company's wellbore freezing technology and technology are at the leading level in China. The freezing depth of the main well freezing project in Inner Mongolia is 802 meters. The frozen project of the return air well of Xinzhuang Coal Mine in Binxian County, Shaanxi Province, has a freezing depth of 910 meters, a secondary well freezing depth of 900 meters, and a net diameter of 9 meters. In terms of mine installation, the Sihe coal mine roadway belt transportation system known as “Asia's first belt” and the country's largest ventilation equipment used in the mine shaft have been installed. The auxiliary shaft derrick of Guqiao Coal Mine with a height of 73.3 meters and the mixed derrick of Kongzhuang Coal Mine with a weight of 954.45 tons are the highest and heaviest derricks in Asia recently.

In terms of subway tunnel construction, the company has the ability to construct 10 shield tunneling projects and 50 freezing projects at the same time. The construction footprint has been spread throughout Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi, etc. The provinces and regions have formed a market structure based on the Yangtze River Delta, radiating East China, South China, and the Midwest. He has participated in several national key projects. Among them, the subway shield construction advancement of more than 20 single-month monthly footage exceeds 400 meters, with a maximum daily advance of 32.4 meters and a monthly maximum of 504 meters. Many successful completions of high-difficult shield construction through complex buildings and structures along the building complex, elevated, river, curved section, shallow covering soil, and overcoming the length and section of the road in the construction of the Xiaolonggou Highway Tunnel in Yan'an The big unfavorable factors have created good results for safe and smooth advancement.

The company has achieved fruitful construction and won a series of important national awards. The 6th project of Dongping Pang Coal Mine in Hebei Province, Jinchengsi River Mine in Shanxi, Jinzhuang Coal Mine Auxiliary Well and Inlet Well Project in Guotou Xinji, Balapukuli Coal Mine in Bangladesh and Longgu Mine in Shandong Xinwen Mining The project won the "Luban Award"; Xinwen Mining Longgu Mine Auxiliary Shaft Equipment Installation Project, Guodian Jiantou Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. Chahasu Coal Mine Vice Shaft Hoisting System Installation Project won the "Installation Star" Award; Dongpang Coal Mine, Temple More than 80 projects including River Mine, Guotou Xinji Liuzhuang Coal Mine and Shandong Luneng Yangcheng Coal Mine were awarded the “National Quality Engineering Silver Award”; among them, the Sihe Mine Project was awarded the “100th Anniversary of the Founding of New China” Classic and fine engineering" - classic project, the new project of Guozhuang Liuzhuang Coal Mine was rated as - high-quality project; the main well project of Shanxi Yu'an Tunliu Coal Mine, the main well, auxiliary well and wind well of Zhaogu Second Mine in Henan Jiaozuo Nearly 70 projects including the freezing and excavation project and the Suiyu East Mine Project of SDIC New Energy Co., Ltd. won the "Sun Cup" award.

The company vigorously implements the development strategy of “based on the whole country and going to the world” and actively participates in the international market competition. It is the first coal construction enterprise in China to go abroad, and has undertaken construction projects in Morocco, Turkey, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, South America and other countries. More than 10 items have won a good reputation for the country and accumulated rich experience in construction and management of international engineering projects. The first project to build the No. 3 well in the Gerada coal mine in Morocco through international bidding; the Balapukulia coal mine project in Bangladesh is the country's first mine with an annual output of 1 million tons, and is also operating according to international engineering projects. Turnkey project"; safe and high quality completed 3 wellbore projects in Helin Coal Mine of Vietnam, and more than 6 months earlier than the contract period; contracted Karakun Coal Mine, Kuzlu Coal Mine, Almade Coal Mine, India Electric Steel The main projects of the Bad Putur coal mine, the auxiliary inclined shaft, and the Hindustan zinc have won high praise from the owners for their high standards, high quality and fast speed, and have established a good international reputation.

The company's mine construction technology and capabilities are world-class, domestically leading, with large independent well construction technology, large diverticulum construction technology, inclined well comprehensive excavation and mechanized supporting construction technology, inclined shaft freezing technology, complex structure wellbore equipment with independent intellectual property rights. 7 core technologies, including installation technology, integrated construction technology of well tower and construction, and subway construction technology, edited the national standard of “Quality Acceptance Specification for Coal Mine Roadway Engineering”, participated in the preparation of “Code for Construction of Coal Mine Roadway Engineering” and “Electrical Equipment for Coal Mines” 6 national standards such as “Construction Construction and Acceptance Code” and “Quality Acceptance Specification for Coal Mine Equipment Installation Engineering”; “Fast Construction Method for Deep Deep Wellbore in Large Diameter Deep Shaft” and “Fast Construction Method for Mechanized Operation Line of Large Section Inclined Shaft” More than 10 state-level construction methods such as "Mechanical Rapid Construction Method for Vertical Shaft", as well as "Mechanical Supporting Construction Method for Kilometer Vertical Wellbore", "Mechanical Supporting Construction Method for Inclined Shaft Fully Mechanized", "Parallel Operation Construction Method for Well Tower and Wellbore Equipment", etc. Dozens of coal industry-level construction methods. The company has 131 valid patents, including 23 invention patents and 108 utility model patents. The company has been rated as “Advanced Unit of Science and Technology Innovation” by China Construction Enterprise Management Association for three consecutive years.

The company has great social influence and high credibility. It has won many national excellent construction enterprises, national customer satisfaction construction enterprises, national quality and efficiency advanced enterprises, China's coal industry outstanding enterprises, national ideological and political work outstanding enterprises, Jiangsu civilized units, Jiangsu. The provincial famous construction contractor and other honorary titles.

In the face of economic globalization and increasingly fierce market competition, the company adheres to the core values of “scientific development, safe and efficient, harmonious and win-win”, and carries forward the enterprise spirit of “dedication, truth-seeking, innovation, and contending”, and gradually forms an influence on enterprises. Under the guidance of the “Ace” culture, the “Ace” culture implements the strategy of “standardization, model, mechanization and informationization”, continuously develops and innovates, enhances competitive advantages, and strives to create “a domestic first-class, globally renowned mine integrated service provider”. .

The company looks forward to working with friends at home and abroad to cooperate in good faith and promote common development.

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