The company's management headquarters consists of 15 functional departments: Office, Human Resources Department (Party Committee Organization Department), Enterprise Management Department, Financial Management Department, Supervision and Audit Department (Disciplinary Committee), Legal Affairs Department, Party Committee Work Department (Team Committee), Trade Union, Project Management Ministry, Safety Production Supervision Bureau, Electromechanical Management Department, General Control Office, Technology (Information) Management Department, Material Purchasing Center, Life Service Center (Security Department).

The company has 13 secondary units, including the first engineering office, the second engineering office, the third engineering office, the fifth engineering office, the China Coal Tunnel Co., Ltd., the construction and installation branch, the overseas development company, the friendship shopping mall, the friendship hotel, Staff Hospital (Xuzhou Fifth People's Hospital, Xu Medical Affiliated Hospital West Hospital), Xuzhou Service Company,Equipment rental repair center,Staff Training Center (three levels of training).


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