China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd.Having national special engineering (freezing, grouting) professional contracting qualification The foundation and foundation engineering professional contracted the qualifications of the first grade, and successively undertaken more than 330 frozen construction projects in 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and created 30 high-quality projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level. The construction of the main and auxiliary well freezing project of Chengcun Coal Mine in Henan Province won the first “Sun Cup” award for the national frozen industry project quality; the main well freezing project of Shandong Guoyu Coal Mine was 702 meters deep and the surface soil layer thickness was 587.5 meters, creating a frozen method sinking well. Through the world record of topsoil thickness; "Key Technology Research on 702 Meters Deep Well Freezing" won the top ten scientific and technological achievements of the coal industry and the special award for scientific and technological innovation achievements of the China Construction Enterprise Association; the research project on the research and application of artificial mechanical properties of artificial frozen soil was The State Council awarded the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award; the "Frozen Hole Construction Method", "Deep Well Freezing Construction Method", and "The Inclined Well Freezing Construction Method" were assessed as national-level construction methods. From 2003, the first deep well freezing in China was started. The main deep well of Cheng Village was 485 meters deep, and the main well of Shandong Guoyu completed in 2006 (the frozen depth was 702 meters). The main construction of Menkeqing in 2010 was completed. (Frozen depth 802 meters), Gansu Xinzhuang wind shaft project (freezing depth 910 meters), has refreshed the national record of freezing depth four times. The construction of the Inner Mongolia Yulinzi Inclined Shaft Project has filled the gap of the domestic inclined shaft freezing. The main inclined shaft project of the ancient city of Shanxi has a freezing slope of 504 meters, which is the highest in the country.


Among them, the third engineering office has fully utilized the advantages of freezing and boring, and has repeatedly created domestic and international first-class construction performance. It is recognized as the erection engineering office for shaft construction in the industry. The frozen construction of Liliangdian, Xinzhuang Lijing and Mataiyu inclined wells achieved the highest performance in the industry.


The freezing construction of the tunnel company is mainly concentrated in the construction of the subway bypass. A number of frozen projects in Shanghai construction were rated as advanced collectives and Shanghai civilized construction sites. In the frozen construction of Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hong Kong and Macao, they all achieved excellent performance and were rated as “excellent subcontractors” by the owners and the general contractor. In the construction of China Railway International Changshu Power Plant Yangtze River Water Tunnel under the river freezing project, innovative construction technology, filled the gap in domestic hydropower construction technology, was reported by CCTV "News Network".


Construction of the inclined well freezing project of Yuandatan Coal Mine in Shaanxi 

Inner Mongolia Menkeqing Coal Mine Freezing Project (the first informational freezing project in China)

Guokoukou East Mine Opening Ceremony



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