China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd.Adhering to both coal and non-coal, we will actively expand non-coal markets such as nonferrous metals, metallurgy and gold. The construction of the Jinchang Jinchuan Nickel Project in Gansu has been 26 years old. Adapted to the market and industry situation, it has expanded non-coal business in Anhui, Shandong and other provinces and cities. The Lilou Iron Mine under construction has achieved a good construction performance of 128 meters in average for 7 consecutive months. Zhangzhuang Iron Mine, the “861” Action Plan Project under construction in Anhui Province, is the first non-coal “package” project, coordinating the construction of the mine, construction, production, mining and backfilling, and has created a national metallurgical industry of 229.6 meters. The highest record of vertical shaft construction. The main shaft and auxiliary shaft drilling project of the new city gold mine under construction was built, and a first river of 3 kilometers deep well in a mining area was constructed by one unit.


The new main well in the newest well new town in China

Zhangzhuang Mine Exterior


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