China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. exerts its technological advantages and continuously expands the market space for electromechanical installation, civil engineering and steel structure engineering. The construction is spread over more than 10 provinces and cities and Vietnam, India, Ecuador and other countries. It has more than 10 state-level construction methods such as "quick construction technology of well-diameter double-lifting complex structure wellbore equipment", "safe and rapid construction technology of well tower-type lifting system construction and safety integration project", "hydraulic support control system rapid assembly box-shaped derrick construction technology", etc. And innovations. It has 8 domestic advanced H-beam automatic production lines, grid production lines, and through-type continuous shot blasting H-beam surface treatment equipment. The Shenhua Huangyuchuan Coal Mine Auxiliary Well Tower and the North Union Power Black City Sub Main and Auxiliary Wells Tower opened the “Ultra-low Temperature Winter Sliding Form Construction”. The Sihe coal mine lane conveyor system known as the “Asia's first belt” and the country's largest ventilation equipment used in the mine shaft were installed. The main derrick of Wenchangpo Coal Mine of Binchang Mining Group with a height of 73.4 meters and a weight of 1300 tons is the highest and heaviest derrick in Asia in the near future. The Inner Mongolia Nalin River Mine Joint Construction, the 5000 Stadiums in Cangzhou City, Shanxi Province, and the 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th Buildings of Fumei Garden of China Coal Pingyu Coal Industry Company have all obtained provincial and ministerial-level quality projects. The residential building project of No.1 and No.2 of Kangxin Community was awarded as “Jiangsu Province Construction Standardization Civilization Demonstration Site”.

Shanxi Yinzhou Stadium


Inner Mongolia Nalinhe Mine Joint Building


Gepu Coal Mine Joint Building


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