China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. takes mine construction as its core business, and its construction footprint covers more than 20 provinces and regions in China. It has participated in the construction of more than 20 large coal bases and completed nearly 400 kinds of mine projects, making a national coal industry. Outstanding contributions. Vertical shaft project: 15 deep shaft wells over 1000 meters, of which the main shaft of Xincheng Gold Mine is 1527 meters deep. It is currently the deepest shaft well in the country; the coal mine diameters of Nalin River, Hongqing River and Baijiahaizi are all 10.5 meters. The country is the largest. In the construction of the Tengdong Shengjian coal mine shaft in Shandong Province, the company achieved a success of over 100 meters in 8 consecutive months. In the construction of the main wellbore of Wanfu Coal Mine, the world record of the wellbore was 754.96 meters deep through the deep topsoil. The best in the world of Nice." In the construction of the frozen topsoil of the auxiliary shaft of the Shunhe Coal Mine of Yongmei Coal Mine, the 14th batch of Chinese enterprises was listed in the new record with a monthly footage of 244 meters. Pingxiangxiang Project: The Xiegou Coal Mine in Shanxi Province has achieved a good performance of 1576 meters in the coal roadway comprehensively excavation; in the construction of the large section rock flat road in Sihe Mine, it has created a continuous 7 months and a maximum of 309.5 meters. National record.

Shanxi Jincheng Coal Industry Group Sihe Coal Mine

Shanxi Lu'an Group Gaohe Coal Mine

Guotou Xinji Liuzhuang Coal Mine

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