An ancient city project department's west wing return wind alley and return air well achieve safety and high precision
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At 11:35 on May 5, the west wing of the 117 team of the ancient city project team and the return air bottom were smoothly connected.

The roadway has a length of 1668.247 meters, a width of 5.8 meters, a height of 4.65 meters, a tunneling section of 26.97 square meters, a rectangular section, a comprehensive excavation construction, and an anchor net plus steel ladder beam joint support. The underground wire length is 2024.863 meters and 24 wire points are arranged. In the construction, it overcomes the unfavorable factors such as the hardness of the two gangs and the difficulty of supporting the coal seam in the roof. It strengthens the on-site safety supervision, strictly implements the regulations and measures, strengthens the re-measurement of the wire, and the penetration accuracy meets the requirements of the Coal Mine Measurement Regulations. Long distance and high precision. The Gucheng Coal Mine Construction Management Office sent a congratulatory letter to this, expressing its affirmation and congratulations.

After the west wing return airway and the return air well are connected, the air volume of the entire west wing construction area can be adjusted from 4800m3 to 8000m3, which can meet the construction of the six excavation working faces at the same time, laying the foundation for the next step of increasing the construction head. (Wang Hui)

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