India SK mine bucket hoist successfully tested
TIME:2018-10-24 14:53:26      CLICKS:93

     On May 24th, under the joint witness of the electromechanical vice president of Stan Zinc Company, the relevant person in charge of the mining department and the cadres and employees of the project department, the five bucket elevators installed by the SK project department in India successfully completed the trial operation.


     It is reported that the bucket height of the bucket elevator is 5.5m, the motor power is 4400KW, and the maximum lifting speed is 11.808m/s. Compared with the domestic similar, the installation quality and precision have higher requirements. To this end, the Ministry of Science has prepared construction measures, all members have been in place, strictly organized construction, equipment and power supply systems to synchronize construction, timely communication with the owners to ensure each process, to ensure the progress and quality of the project. After the unremitting efforts of all cadres and workers, the success of the trial operation was finally guaranteed, and the corporate brand image was further maintained, and valuable experience was accumulated for similar projects in the future. (Liu Xiaohua)


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