Section I of the Belt Conveyor Lane of the No. 21 (I06) Mining District of the Hongliu Section passed through the DF9-1 fault
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 On May 21, the section I of the 21 (I06) mining zone belt conveyor tunnel constructed by the two Hongliu project departments passed the DF9-1 fault zone safely and smoothly.

It is reported that the fault is a normal fault with a drop of 6m. The lithology is mudstone, and the rock stratum is more developed and easy to fall off. In order to ensure the smooth passage of the fault, the project department attached great importance and adopted a number of measures to ensure the safety of construction during the fault. First, strengthen the advance support management, arrange Φ20*2500mm anchor rods for advanced support. The second is to strengthen the roof control, take more eye-catching, the surrounding eyes do not charge the way to blast construction, while erecting 25U shed to ensure the quality and safety of the roof. A total of 18 shelves (800mm pitch) were used during the fault. Third, the team members will participate in the pre-class meeting of each team to carry out detailed safety and technical briefing on the team. The fourth is to strictly implement the cadre shift system, find problems and hidden dangers on the spot, and solve them in time to ensure construction safety.

In addition, during the fault period, the project department also strengthened the daily training of construction workers, and reflected and re-educated the accident cases caused by faults or roofs in the past. Before using the class, they will explain to employees the safety precautions and construction precautions. The construction of employees is vigilant and reduces the occurrence of safety accidents. (牟兴斌)


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