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On May 25, 2018, on the occasion of the “regular circulation improvement month” of the tunnel company, the news was frequently transmitted. The first section of the civil engineering project of Hefei Rail Transit Line 5 of Hefei Shield Construction Project No. 5 was Huashan Road ~ Yungu The road from the road to Huizhou Avenue was 351 meters as of the 25th of this month, and the speed of tunneling ranked first in Hefei. The parameters of the excavation parameters are normal, and the tunneling condition of the shield machine is good. To this end, the general package sent a letter of commendation for encouragement.


Since the entry of the project, the Shield Five project management personnel and the shield tunneling and electromechanical teams have worked together to overcome the construction problems. Through the joint efforts of all the staff of the project, we will carefully summarize and explore ways to improve the formal circulation. Breaking through technical problems, overcoming all kinds of mechanical equipment, instrument failure handling, and unexpected situations during the construction process, it achieved the best result of the speed of tunneling in Hefei.


A few days ago, in order to fully complete the "Regular Cycle Enhancement Month" activity, the Shield Five Project Department attacked hard, actively responded to the call of the company's labor competition, carefully organized, actively mobilized, and took multiple measures to spur the "regular cycle of promotion month" with practical actions. The horn of the horn prompted the construction to enter the fast lane. Now, every employee of the project always maintains a high level of fighting spirit, in order to achieve the "regular cycle to enhance the month" sprint and create new achievements.


It is reported that the small single class of the project has the highest level of 9 meters per ring of 1.5 meters and 13.5 meters. The highest level of single-shifting 16 rings is 1.5 meters per ring and 24 meters. Since its inception, it has been successfully drilled to the 431 ring as of May 25, with a total of 646.5 meters of excavation, 100% of the project quality and 70 days of safe production. It has achieved the three goals of quality, efficiency and safety, and has established a good position in the Hefei market. The image of China Coal. (Yang Nian Sun Xingchen) 


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