Three new town main well project departments won the honorary title of “Worker Pioneer” in Xuzhou City
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On May 31, good news came from the Xuzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and the three main projects of the Xincheng Gold Mine were awarded the honorary title of “Worker Pioneer” in Xuzhou City. Since its establishment, the project has won the title of “China Coal Construction Group Advanced Collective”, “Five Construction Company Integrity Demonstration Unit”, “Five Construction Company Annual Advanced Collective” and “Safe Production Standardization Star Project Department”. In the construction process in 2017, the company created the largest Guinness World in the world of “the vertical wellbore digs for 9 consecutive months and the well is over 100 meters”.


Based on “safety standardization”, safety production results are remarkable. Since the establishment of the project department, we have consistently implemented relevant national security laws and regulations, and promoted the idea of "life first, safety first"; insisted on "not at the expense of safety in exchange for progress, and never sacrifice quality for benefits" as the project construction tenet, steadily and steadily, To ensure safe production without accidents, it has been safely produced for 479 days.


Taking the formal circulation as a means to scientifically organize construction and production. Since the excavation of the wellbore, the project department has carefully organized and rationally arranged, and increased the regular circulation assessment to ensure that the construction organization is fast and efficient. At the depth of the wellbore reaching 1,200 meters and 1,300 meters, the results of a single month of 124 meters and 100 meters were achieved. It fully demonstrates the strength of our "Iron Construction Army".


The project department will further play the role of “Workers Pioneer” and banner, continuously expand the influence of “Workers Pioneer” and provide a strong guarantee for the high quality development of our office. (Ji Feiyu   Wang Yurui)


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