Two "four points of force" to improve safety management "hard power"
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Since the second quarter, the two departments have firmly adhered to the idea that “the more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to grasp safety, the safety is more difficult”, and the implementation of a series of comprehensive management measures, such as education, diligent inspection, on-site and strong culture, The awareness has generally improved, and the “three violations” have been significantly reduced, further enhancing the “hard power” of safety management.


Grasp the ideological education and strengthen the awareness of security. Through on-the-spot teaching, typical leadership, and video security office meetings, the department helps cadres and staff of grassroots project departments to seriously find security management loopholes, and guides cadres and workers to deeply analyze their gaps in security awareness and “strict and strict” requirements, and further clarify The working idea of "safe work is not the same as not catching" is to effectively enhance the safety awareness of cadres and workers. At the same time, each project department uses the pre-class meeting, safety study and other time to carry out the accident case warning education activities, use the accident case to remind, educate and warn the staff to tighten the safety string at all times. Before each class, the district team and the team should conduct a comprehensive investigation of the mental state and behavior of the class to ensure safe employment and standard employment.


Highlight supervision and inspection and block security management loopholes. We will continue to implement the system of hidden danger investigation and safety inspection, combine safety inspection with safety inspection conducted by superiors, comprehensively investigate safety hazards and weak links, strictly implement the supervision system for major hidden dangers, and achieve dynamic control. Each professional has carried out special inspections on “one pass and three defenses”, upgraded transportation, electromechanical, roof and water prevention, and strictly implemented the system of “who checks, who signs, who is responsible”, and promptly reports the inspection to the safety and security department. The safety supervision department will further clarify the time of rectification and the responsible person according to the actual situation, and do a good job in the closed management of hidden dangers, so that inspections will not leave dead ends, rectification will not leave behind, and effectively prevent and contain various safety accidents. In addition, we will further carry out comprehensive inspections of employees' "finger-mouth" and on-site "6S" management law implementation, and give full play to the supervision and guidance of professional departments on safety work, effectively blocking security management loopholes.


Implement cadres to bring classes to ensure that the site is under control. Since the second quarter, the department has requested the project department to lead the staff not only to supervise the arrangements for the work safety measures of the district teams and the team, but also to go deep into the scene, paying close attention to the implementation of safety measures during key time periods, key sections and key staff, and found that “three violations” "The behavior corrects the punishment in a timely manner and effectively regulates the employee's work behavior. At the same time, each shift and duty officer is required to carefully fill in the shift record before the downhole, indicate the downhole route, the problems found, the treatment methods and the rectification situation. The on-duty supervisors and the team leader will sign, otherwise, they will be held accountable and improved. The initiative of the understaffed and on-duty personnel to manage the situation further improved the level of on-site safety management and set off the atmosphere for the safety production month in June.


Focus on cultural construction and create a safe production atmosphere. The department is guided by the concept of indoctrination, with institutional constraints as the guarantee, and behavior as the goal, "safe production only has a starting point, no end", "Ning is safely involved, not crying for accidents", "people-oriented, life first", etc. The concept of safety is excavated, refined, combed, and penetrated into the staff through multiple channels such as “Two Communications”, “The United States and the United States”, the website, and the WeChat platform. At the same time, the security comic exhibition, the safety culture corridor, the safety accident card exhibition, etc. Strong visual impact, guide employees to think safely and consciously grasp safety. At the same time, the department also pays great attention to cultivating the safety culture of employees, and conscientiously implements the training and education system, the system of teachers and apprentices, the safety confirmation before class, the one-day problem, the one-week case, and the one-month test system. The safety mentality, with the system's on-site safety knowledge and operational skills, accumulate safety knowledge in daily learning. The department used safety culture to lead safety work and promote safety production on the spot with safety culture, which not only stimulated the creativity of employees, but also further grasped the foundation of safety work. (Kun Yan)


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