I received a congratulatory letter from a sloping coal mine.
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On June 3, Shanxi Xishan Jinxing Energy Co., Ltd. Xiegou Coal Mine sent a congratulatory letter, praising and congratulating a first project department in May during the construction of the second level of the secondary auxiliary transport main road extension section of the mine, fully promoted Not afraid of hardship and hard work, overcoming the difficulties of large construction section, long transportation route and watering on the roof, it has created a success of 456 meters in a single month, refreshing the single-sided maximum footage in the past three years and achieving safety. produce.


The mine said that since its establishment in 2007, the total construction well has a footage of 90,000 meters. It has carefully organized, strengthened cooperation and strengthened safety management in all the projects under construction, overcoming unfavorable factors such as tight construction schedule and heavy tasks. It demonstrates the excellent enterprise strength in the field of mine construction, and completes all the construction tasks undertaken safely, with high quality and efficiency, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of the company's Xiegou coal mine.


The mining party hopes that the department will continue to carry forward the spirit of the iron army of "contract-honoring, trust-keeping, and first-class", strengthen confidence, continue to carry out follow-up work, and make new contributions to the production and construction of the Xiegou coal mine! (Han Ye)


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