The tunnel company strengthens material management to provide strong protection for regular circulation operations
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At present, the tunnel company is in full swing to carry out the formal cycle promotion month activities. The project departments face the gold construction period in June, combined with the construction of the project, and formulated a number of measures to focus on safety quality and innovation, and fully mobilize the construction personnel. The enthusiasm, race against time and time, set off a new climax of the "competition than learning to help" labor competition.

With the continuous advancement of on-site engineering progress, in response to the increasing demand for materials such as steel and cement on site, the material supply department has taken the initiative to adapt to the new normal, implemented the group company and company material management system, and strictly implemented the requirements of “compliance, quality and efficiency”. . In order to ensure the first-line material usage and supply speed of the construction, the tunnel company has increased its management and control, clarified that the material supply business aims at the on-site demand, and satisfies the safe and effective supply of materials required for production and construction under the premise of legal compliance. First, enhance the concept of service production, advance planning, strict material collection procedures, comprehensively standardize the operation of centralized procurement operations, and provide comprehensive material services and guarantees for the construction site; second, optimize the process, take multiple measures, and promote related work. Pay attention to the connection between the various links of material supply; the third is to actively ask for needs, timely communicate with relevant personnel on the site, timely understand the progress of the project, promptly remind the precautions, solve the existing problems, feedback each other in the work, form a closed-loop management; fourth is further Optimize the supply and demand of materials, implement direct supply and collection of factories, and focus on improving the proportion of collection and direct mining; Fifth, rationally allocate resources, further revitalize the turnover materials, provide timely supply, ensure quality, and effectively serve the construction site; Promote cost reduction and efficiency, and continue to do on-site supply management. Through the above measures, we fully serve the construction site and provide material guarantee for the regular circulation of the project, which effectively ensures the high-speed operation of the project. (Zhou Qiang)

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