A "safe production month" activity to grasp the characteristics and effectiveness
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According to the spirit of the two-level group and the company's document on the activities of “Safe Production Month”, the theme of “Life First, Safe Development” is closely related to its own characteristics, innovative work ideas, outstanding activities and “Safe Production Month” The activity has been effective.


Catch the activity, always tighten the "safety string." On the afternoon of May 31, the department convened the “Safe Production Month” video mobilization meeting, deployed the activity plan, and issued the “Notice on Launching the “Safe Production Month” Activity” and “The “Safe Production Month” Series Promotion Plan Implementation Plan”. The activities and measures of the “Safe Production Month” throughout the organization were fully deployed. During the whole activity month, in order to create an atmosphere of activity, the whole department has carefully arranged a security signature activity, hangs promotional banners, posts “safe production month” campaign slogans, and uses various propaganda carriers to make “safe”. The production month is publicity and education; the second is to carry out the theme of safety development. The leaders of the department went deep into the project department. The members of the project team went deep into the district team and the team. They gave a speech on General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on safety production, safety production laws and regulations, knowledge and skills, widely disseminated the concept of safety development, popularized safety knowledge and skills, and improved the majority. Cadres and workers are aware of safety production, consciously guard against various types of safety accidents, and promote safe development. Third, the party branches themselves organize a security special democratic life meeting, carefully investigate the problems and deficiencies in their own security work, formulate measures, and implement responsibilities. The fourth is that the project department organizes the observation of the accident case warning education film, and organizes the employees to talk about the feelings, find the lack, through reflection and exchange, strengthen the effect of accident warning; the fifth is "6.16" to carry out a safety production publicity consultation day. On the day of the event, the project department issued safety leaflets, held safety knowledge with questions and answers, set up a help desk to answer employees' opinions and problems on safety production work, and sixthly carried out the second line of defense for women workers' safety and the creation and collection of employee safety culture. Give full play to the role of the Women's Workers' Committee and let employees maintain a high degree of self-consciousness in safe production. A number of activities run through it, and targeted safety production and education activities are carried out to create a strong atmosphere of “life first, safe development”.


Grasp the internal control and tighten the safety "fence wall". Focusing on the implementation of the responsibility of safety production at all levels, the department starts with safety and refined management, carefully organizes self-examination and mutual investigation activities, checks and reforms, solves existing problems in a timely manner, and effectively implements various requirements and promotes enterprises. Realize the full responsibility of safety responsibility, standardize system construction, and refine the on-site management; carry out fragmentation and assistance activities. According to the monthly construction production tasks and key requirements of safety management and control, the relevant department leaders and professional vice presidents will arrange for the assistance of some project departments to consolidate the safety production base. At the same time, according to the requirements of the two-level group, the relevant management system was revised, and the project department's responsibility investigation standards were formulated. The use of “strictness” forced everyone to implement safety responsibility and improve safety management and control capabilities. Starting from perfecting and refining the rules and regulations and working standards, we have established a set of work processes and working standards for various professions to avoid management leakage and have an operational management system. Through the standardization of people, the process of things, the standardization of things, improve efficiency and ensure safe production; improve employee behavior as an important part of refined management, adopt a series of effective education, subtle, step-by-step, continuous advancement, etc. Means to enhance the staff's normative awareness, form a good habit of compliance, improve employee accomplishment and corporate image; comprehensively deepen the construction of safety production standardization, start from the source, start from the details, do for each process, each process Strictly control, assess and supervise, so that everyone is in charge of affairs, everything is managed, and everything is standard, and the standardization of safety production is promoted to a new level. Adhere to safety work, grasp small and small problems, and increase prevention. Sexual investigation and accountability, early detection of the signs and tendencies, timely governance, the hidden dangers as an accident analysis. Adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on rewards and punishments, strict accountability system for safety accidents, adhere to the principle of “four not letting go” for violations and accidents, and combine process assessment with results assessment. Strictly implement the safety "red line" management method, and all personnel in line will be investigated and handled in accordance with regulations to ensure safe production.


Focus on the key points and effectively eliminate the "risk source." Firmly establish the consciousness of “seeing hidden dangers as command”, combined with the characteristics of safe production in the summer flood season, adhere to special inspections and special treatments, and focus on the investigation and management of hidden dangers. A safety inspection team was set up to carry out safety inspection activities, namely “one pass, three defenses”, “water prevention” and special inspections for electromechanical and safety production. Pay close attention to the main drainage equipment maintenance (project for self-management of drainage system), clean-up of drainage channels, clean-up of underground water tanks, and improvement of lightning protection facilities, implement the “three-proof” safety guarantee measures in the rainy season, and organize water and water damage analysis. Systematic inspection of on-site drainage, power supply, lightning protection and other systems, comprehensive implementation of prevention and control measures to ensure safety. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of “recovering hidden dangers and remediating hidden dangers”, increase the intensity and density of on-site safety hazards in weak time and weak locations, promptly guide and supervise, and strictly implement the rectification work of various hidden dangers, requiring each Levels and departments will implement all kinds of hidden dangers in the shortest time to achieve closed management. Focusing on prevention and control of water, each project department organizes a water disaster emergency drill activity, and through the implementation of emergency plan training, drills, assessments and other activities, further improve the plan, improve employees' emergency risk aversion awareness and emergency response capabilities such as escape, self-help and mutual rescue. Master the disposal points, improve the ability of scientific rescue and accident disaster emergency rescue, and effectively protect the safe production of enterprises.  (Cui Chun)


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