The ancient city department launched the "one pass and three defenses" skill competition
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On May 27-29, an ancient city project department held the second quarter “one pass and three defenses” skill competition activities. The contestants came from the project department ventilation team members, a total of 18 people. This skill competition is divided into three parts: the fault diagnosis and use of the light tile, the ground simulation air duct hanging connection, and the ground simulation ventilation wall masonry.


The troubleshooting and use of the light tile is selected in the study room of the project department. The competition is divided into two parts. The first is to select the fault of the light meter. Six light tiles are placed on site, including one intact instrument, and the other five light tiles are set with two fault points each, and a total of 10 fault points are set. In the shortest time, the competitors will correctly select all the instrument faults and intact instruments, and use the intact instruments to complete the recording of the gas indicating concentration, which is limited to 10 minutes. The contestant Chen Jianmin calmly and calmly completed within the specified time. According to the competition plan, get 100 points out of the score.


The ground simulated air duct hang-up competition was held in the Gongguang area of the project department. The 20-meter-long, 1000mm diameter colloidal and flame-retardant air duct was suspended at the scene, including the air duct hanging, the air duct docking, and the wind. Procedures such as the tube ties, the opposite side of the air tube connector, and the installation of quick connectors. There are 2 players in the competition, and 2 players in the competition team cooperate with each other. The speed of the hanging air duct is like water flowing, and the air duct interface is beautiful and firm. The contestants Lu Yinbo and Zhang Liang successfully completed the installation of the air duct by 6′21′′ only according to the standard requirements. The team scored 100 points.


Ground simulated ventilation wall wall masonry competition, the location is selected in the project department's indigenous materials yard empty space, the team is divided into groups of 3, the participants are divided into 6 groups, and cooperate with each other. According to the competition plan, six groups started at the same time, and completed the wall masonry of 100 stone materials in the shortest time. The wall thickness is 1 meter and the height is 4 floors. The wall meets the ventilation facilities standard and can win the competition. Finally, Feng Qingwei, Guo Liang and Li Peng won the competition and the team scored 100 points.


During the three-day competition, the contestant Chen Jianmin achieved the best overall score and received a 500 yuan award from the project department. Lu Yinbo and Zhang Liang, the first winners of the wind tunnel connection group competition, were awarded 100 yuan. The first fans of the ventilation wall mural team competition, Feng Qingwei, Guo Liang and Li Peng, each received 100 yuan.


    In this competition, the theoretical level and on-site skills of the ventilation team staff of the project department were improved, and the work standard of “one pass and three defenses” on the underground site was improved, which stimulated the enthusiasm of employees, learning, rush, help and super, and improved the overall business. The ability has laid a solid foundation for the safe production of the project department.  (Yang Hui Fan Peng)


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