The second cucurbitacin project department 2-1 coal four-panel auxiliary transportation lane successfully passed the DF8 fault
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A few days ago, the two culverts project department 2-1 coal four-panel auxiliary transportation lane successfully passed the DF8 fault, and the construction safety quality progress was excellent, which was highly praised by Party A and the supervision unit.

It is reported that the fault is a normal fault, with a strike of 152°, a dip angle of 50°, and a drop of 10 m.

During the construction, in order to ensure the safe and smooth passage of the fault area, the project department carefully follows the principle of “predictive forecasting, excavation and exploration, and first exploration and excavation”, and organizes technical personnel to geology in front of the auxiliary tunnel of the 2-1 coal four-panel area. The situation was analyzed and predicted, and the technical measures for fault safety were scientifically compiled and the construction personnel were organized to study on site to ensure construction according to the measures. Focus on strengthening the quality control of the roof and the two gangs of the roadway, using the "anchor cable + π-type steel beam" to strengthen the support in the broken area of the roof; the area where the roof is active before and after the fault layer is exposed, and the roof broken zone is over 300mm and It is revealed that the roof and the π-shaped steel beam “well” shape reinforcement support method is used to strengthen the roof in the 8m range before and after the fault plane, which ensures the safety of the roadway construction. Adhere to the regular cycle operation, short exploration and short excavation, it is strictly forbidden to empty the empty top operation, do a good job of knocking the top and lithology observation. In addition, a roof separation tester is set up at the fault area, and a special person monitors the change of the roof sinking. If there is an abnormality, the tunneling is stopped in time, the personnel are evacuated, and the targeted measures are taken to continue the tunneling.

In the end, with the joint efforts of all the staff, after 40 days and nights of fighting, we finally won this hard battle, not only successfully and safely passed the fault, but also achieved the goal of zero safety accidents. (Liu Bei)

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