Announcement on the use of China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd.
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China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “my company”) recently discovered that there are counterfeit companies and our company’s sub-subsidiary seals (corporate legal person, contract special seal and financial special seal) in the market, fraudulent use In the name of our company (and our company's sub-subsidiaries), we have engaged in contract signing with relevant market entities, handling project payment settlement, and receiving engineering funds. This has seriously interfered with the normal production and operation of our company and related market entities. Market order. In order to eliminate risks, reduce disputes, and avoid losses, the relevant matters are announced as follows:


1. The act of forging the seals of our company and our company and sub-enterprise has seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of our company and our partners. The act has been suspected of falsifying the seal of the company, the crime of embezzlement and the crime of fraud. In this regard, our company will not tolerate, has begun to collect, sort and fix the relevant evidence, and will soon protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company through judicial channels.


2. All acts committed by our company and our company's sub-enterprise seals are illegal and criminal acts. The true meaning of our company is that our company does not recognize the legal effects of the relevant acts and does not bear the above-mentioned illegal acts. Any legal liability.

China Coal Fifth Construction Co., Ltd.

July 17, 2017




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