Civil construction installation, we must be the first - five places in the Keqing coal mine auxiliary well project won the "Sun Cup"
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Recently, five new members were added to the wall of honor. The auxiliary shaft and lifting system installation project of Zhongqing Hechuangmen Keqing Coal Mine, which is responsible for the construction, was awarded the 2016-2017 coal industry quality project and “Sun Cup” respectively. "engineering.

From personnel to equipment, safety work is fastened, no dead ends, and the construction site is in order. The concept of “safety first” can be fully implemented. From construction to monitoring, quality control is controlled and refined, and the whole project is completed in one go. “Quality is The spirit of Ben is perfectly displayed.

Civil engineering, innovation in practice

The auxiliary well shaft of Menkeqing Coal Mine is a frame shear wall structure with a construction area of 5,668 square meters and seven floors above ground. The total height of the building is 64 meters. The biggest difficulty encountered in construction is the weather impact. As the basic part of the project, civil works are different from others. Earthwork excavation, concrete pouring and component welding are particularly affected by low temperature, and in Inner Mongolia, the temperature is low, rain and snow, and long time. Despite years of construction experience in bad weather, the project department still dared not have the slightest intention. Early development of special winter construction plans, mass concrete construction plans, etc., to complete the construction preparation.

Take a look at the new technologies used in this process: concrete anti-crack technology, coarse-diameter steel straight-thread mechanical connection technology, thick steel plate welding technology... At the scene, you can see 7 of the 10 new technologies in China's construction industry. . New technologies such as deep foundation pit engineering monitoring and control, mass concrete temperature monitoring and control, and energy-saving door and window applications used in construction quality assurance and post-renovation are well used. It can be said that the five cadres and workers regarded the site as a "training ground" and "playing a military field" to show their strong construction capabilities. From project managers to front-line workers, from program design to detail control, all new technologies are better used, all links are strictly in accordance with national norms and mandatory standards, and nine sub-projects live up to expectations, all meeting good standards.

Installation, creating effectiveness in heritage

The Anyi Project Department is one of the five project departments with the longest establishment period. The 33-year history of growth and struggle represents the inheritance of the spirit of the “Iron Army” by several generations of five people. How many technical achievements have been made from here? How many engineering honors have been difficult to count. In the installation of the lifting system of Menkeqing Coal Mine, they helped the five places to once again win the highest honor of China's coal construction industry - "Sun Cup".

Installation engineering, safety is the foundation, quality is the guarantee, and progress is the key. The total number of projects: 26 sets of auxiliary shaft hoist equipment installation project; 2 sets of auxiliary shaft lifting facilities installation project; 16 sets of auxiliary shaft wellhead equipment installation project; 2 sets of auxiliary shaft bottom hole equipment installation project, this It is not counted as the installation of other supporting facilities, and the positions, types of work, processes, and projects involved are numerous and complicated. In order to maximize the concentration of force, the department set up an installation project headquarters with project team members, technical backbones, and team leaders. The construction plan was elaborated and the construction plan was decomposed to each day. According to the actual needs, two installation teams, two electrician classes and one electric welding group were set up. Parallel continuous operation was adopted. Everyone did their best and made the best use of them. Under the unified management of the headquarters, construction, quality inspection, safety, The "five major members" such as materials and materials are coordinated and functioning effectively.


Precision control has always been a difficult point in installation engineering. When installing the auxiliary wellbore tank, there should be a gap of 2~4mm as required, but it is difficult to grasp the gap because of the need to use the stable car to hoist. Even if it has been adjusted, it may cause gap changes due to the influence of the tank's own weight and impact. In response to this problem, the project department only used a waste electric welding pad to solve the problem between the tanks, which effectively improved the work efficiency and quality. Since the auxiliary well casing frame is located in the well tower, it cannot be constructed by the traditional first assembly and then the overall installation. The project department conducted in-depth analysis and research on the design drawings, and decided to “reform all 12 layers of the frame to zero”, and finally adopted the layered and phased assembly method, which reduced the installation difficulty and greatly improved the installation speed. Because the technology is used reasonably, the process arrangement is orderly, the quality control is in place, and the project ultimately saves 450,000 yuan in cost. The owner has given a "very satisfied" evaluation of the quality of the project. (Zuo Quan)  


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