Party members of Wujian Company walked into Mazhuang to carry out the theme party day activities
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    On June 1st, a total of 58 members of the leadership team and party members of the Wujian Company came to Mazhuang Village to visit and study and carry out the theme party day activities.


    Under the leadership of the staff of Mazhuang Village, the party members visited the Mazhuang Village History Museum, the branch party activity room, the sachet preparation room, the comprehensive service room and the Mazhuang Village Cultural Hall along the line of General Xi Jinping’s visit to Mazhuang Village. Understand the history of Mazhuang Village, party building work, folk culture, foreign exchanges and ecological governance. The old branch secretary of Mazhuang Village gave a special party class for everyone. Through the study and study, the majority of party members will go to Mazhuang Village to "make the courage of the horse, the perseverance of non-stop, the speed of the horses and the speed of success," the Mazhuang spirit of the "one strong three belts" of Mazhuang Village. Very strong learning and reference, providing new ideas and new enlightenment for the party building work, everyone said that we must study and understand in depth, do not forget the initial heart, bear in mind the mission, lead by example, take the lead in setting a good example, with a good working condition and a solid work style. Contribute to the company's transformation and development. (Wang Jiegong)


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