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The hope of the people, the direction of the administration. The three places firmly grasp the issues that the workers and the masses are most concerned about, paying attention to, paying attention to, and devoting their efforts to implement the measures for the people, benefit the people's livelihood, warm the hearts and minds of the people, and from concrete measures that can be taken to the actual development results. All the pieces have achieved the hearts and minds of the staff and workers, and have become a real project for the benefit of the people and the people's heart, further enhancing the sense of acquisition, security and happiness of the masses of workers.

Pay attention to "clothing, food, housing and transportation", do a good job of "basic people's livelihood", and constantly improve the "sense of acquisition." The first is to adhere to the Huimin initiative, to maintain a steady growth in employee income, to achieve timely payment of wages, "five insurance and one gold" on time. The second is to open a community electricity fee collection window, place seats, facilitate the handling of residents, for the elderly and people with limited mobility, take the initiative to provide payment, agency services, and solve the problem of payment. The third is to effectively improve the quality of meals in the base area, increase the variety of canteen meals, and create a good living environment for the dining staff. The fourth is to build leisure facilities such as corporate culture corridors, lighting basketball courts, staff gymnasiums, artificial lakes, etc. The community greening rate reaches 62%, providing residents with a warm and comfortable living environment. The fifth is to actively build a relationship between neighbors and neighbors and promote the harmonious construction of the community. In view of the serious damage to the street lights in the residential area and the aging of the road surface, special personnel are scheduled to conduct inspections and inspections every week to ensure the safety of pedestrians at night; at the same time, condolences to the community residents are regularly given, and the masses think, think, expect, and wish to repair the circuit. A lot of Huimin projects, such as sewer pipes, unlocking, leaking houses, public toilets, parking lots, and bus stops, have created a good atmosphere for building a harmonious three.

Care for "employee health", guarantee "bottom line people's livelihood", and constantly improve the "security sense." The first is to protect the physical and mental health of female workers. On May 3, all the female employees were organized to conduct health checkups to ensure early diagnosis, early detection and early prevention. The second is to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases, strengthen occupational health surveillance, and conduct occupational health examinations for more than 1,200 project staff. The third is to actively publicize the policy of special serious illness and major illness mutual aid medical assistance fund for employees, and actively explain the role of the fund to employees, and 879 employees volunteered to participate. The fourth is to replace the in-hospital monitoring system to achieve 100% coverage of important sites; strictly enforce the security patrol system, patrol three shifts a day, and patrol irregularly every shift to ensure a safe and stable environment.

Concerned about "staying in peace and contentment", strengthening "hot spots and people's livelihood", and constantly improving "happiness." First, the 16th Children's Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition was held to collect more than 100 paintings and calligraphy works of children under the age of 12, and the first, second and third prizes and 22 outstanding works were awarded. The second is to issue 1982 sets of bedding products to the frontline workers during the “Trade Union Members Month”, and truly do good things for the employees and do practical things. Third, on March 7, 70 female employees in the base area organized the “Goddess Day” to further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female employees. Fourth, during various holidays, it actively carried out 46 kinds of cultural and sports activities in a variety of forms, creating a strong festive atmosphere, enriching the amateur cultural life of employees, and constantly improving the sense of well-being of employees. The fifth is to open three retired staff activity rooms, equipped with full entertainment facilities to create a harmonious, comfortable and warm environment.

One piece of Huimin's measures spread across every corner of the three places; one project of people's livelihood received the approval and support of the staff and workers; a warm picture, warming thousands of households. The "people's livelihood transcripts" that the staff and workers are satisfied with are not only the process of handling the people's livelihood, but also the deep feelings of the party and the government for the people; not only the happiness and dignity of the masses of workers, but also the opening up. A new chapter in happiness. (Wang Wei)

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