The frozen six Hohhot project was observed. More than 50 people liked the coal.
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At 16 o'clock on the afternoon of May 24, 2018, the Hohhot Rail Transit Metro Line 1 was led by the deputy commander of the Hohhot Line 1 Command, and organized the chief engineer, engineering and technical personnel, and safety director of the No. 1 line project department to the tunnel. The company's frozen six project department construction of the Hohhot Rail Transit Metro Line 1 East Road Station contact channel to observe and learn.

The observation team and a team fully affirmed the standardization construction of the communication channel project of the construction of the project department, and highly praised the technological advancement and freezing effect control of the freezing method of the project. The observation activity was personally received by Wang Hao, project manager of the Frozen Six Project Department, and the implementation of the freezing method was carried out by the manager of Shi Gonghui. During the explanation period, the leaders of each bidding section first understood the construction of the freezing method. The exchange also expressed great interest in the construction of the freezing method. After the observation, the members of the observation group praised the China Coal Tunnel for its excellent leading construction enterprises! (Zhang Wenxun Sun Xingchen)

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