Five Building Vision: BuildHome-class, world-renowned mine integrated service provider


    Mine Integrated Service Provider:From building the "Ace Army" to the mine, to the comprehensive diversification of the relevant diversification, forming the construction of the mine construction, infrastructure construction, production operations and services in one, The project operation and capital operation are the strategic layout of the “two wings”; the completion of the identity transformation from excellent contractors to building a domestic first-class, world-renowned mine integrated service provider, the concept is more advanced, the pursuit of higher, the goal is clearer, the responsibility is more important




    Development strategy: one wing


    One:Building a production-oriented industry, building a “three-in-one” structure for mine construction services, infrastructure construction services and production operations services.


Two wings:Taking project operation and capital operation as the transformation and upgrading direction,TakeEPCPPPBOTThe project is the focus, and the construction production is closely integrated with the project operation and capital operation.




    Corporate spirit: dedication, truth-seeking, innovation, contending


Dedication - Dedication, courage, responsibility, loyal service to the company.


Seeking truth - seeking truth and being pragmatic, doing practical work, diligently managing enterprises, telling the truth, doing practical things, and seeking practical results.


Innovation - emancipate the mind, dare to explore, adhere to scientific thinking, enhance innovation capabilities, and build innovative enterprises.


Striving for the first step - pioneering and enterprising, bravely climbing the peak, benchmarking advanced, dare to surpass, establish a Chinese coal brand, and strive to be an industry leader.




    Construction policy: safety first, quality-oriented, civilized construction, fast and efficient


    Safety first:Life First, Safety First,Properly handle the relationship between safety and production, safety and management, safety and efficiency, and maintain the lifeline of enterprise development to achieve long-term stability.


    Quality-based:Insist on quality first,artisans The spirit is the forerunner, taking mechanized construction as the starting point, carrying out regular circulation operations, and strictly implementing engineering quality standards.


    Civilized Construction:Continue to promote safety production standardization, improve construction management responsibility system, and continuously improve the site Civilized construction and safe production level.


Fast and efficient::Adhere to efficiency first,Strengthen construction process control and improve management quality,Create value for customers, win benefits for the company, build a win-win situation and common development.


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